Although self peptides bound to HLA-DQ and, especially, HLA-DR allotypes have been described in some detail, few ligands that bind to HLA-DP have been identified. Toward this aim, naturally processed peptides were isolated from immunoaffinity-purified HLA-DP2 molecules expressed in cultured B lymphocytes. The size distribution of the peptide repertoire is generally similar to those reported for self peptides bound to HLA-DR and HLA-DQ molecules. Twelve peptides representing individual sequences including two nested sets were sequenced by mass spectrometry and/or N-terminal Edman analysis. Source proteins included MHC molecules and other integral membrane proteins as well as secretory and serum proteins. No dominant amino acid markers suggestive of particular enzymatic processing events were detected. Peptide specificity and affinity were examined in binding assays using synthetic peptides and purified HLA-DP and HLA-DR molecules. Anchor residues were tentatively assigned using alanine-substituted analogues of two self peptides. Some structural features of HLA-DP2 that may relate to peptide binding are considered.

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