1. Indigo Chemical Test for Syphilis E. P. Flood: See this issue, p. 69.

2. Diagnosis and Serum Treatment of Acute Anterior Poliomyelitis Abraham Zingher: Several methods have been suggested during the past summer in the treatment of anterior poliomyelitis. The one method that has given the most satisfactory results, has been the use of serum obtained from immune donors that have had poliomyelitis either recently or from one to several years previously. The serum was administered intraspinally in doses of from 10 to 15 cc. and repeated every twenty to twenty-four hours until two to three doses were injected. An attempt was made to obtain as large a supply of serum as possible and make it available to the members of the medical profession in this and adjoining states. The writer himself had the opportunity of using the serum in 160 cases at the Willard Parker Hospital and in 33 cases at the Minturn Hospital.

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