We wish to retract the article titled “A Novel Immunosuppressant, Luteolin, Modulates Alloimmunity and Suppresses Murine Allograft Rejection” by Shulin Ye, Huazhen Liu, Yuchao Chen, Feifei Qiu, Chun-Ling Liang, Qunfang Zhang, Haiding Huang, Sumei Wang, Zhong-De Zhang, Weihui Lu, and Zhenhua Dai, The Journal of Immunology, 2019, 203: 3436–3446.

While assembling Figs. 1C and 5B, overlapping images from the same sample rather than the three distinct samples (Rapa, Lut-low, and Lut-high) as labeled in the manuscript were used. We believe these errors occurred due to confusing file names and inaccurate/redundant collection of representative raw images. However, we were unable to unambiguously resolve these duplications. We deeply apologize to our colleagues and the scientific community for any inconvenience this may have caused.

All authors agree with this retraction.

Shulin Ye

Huazhen Liu

Yuchao Chen

Feifei Qiu

Chun-Ling Liang

Qunfang Zhang

Haiding Huang

Sumei Wang

Zhong-De Zhang

Weihui Lu

Zhenhua Dai...

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