Sinkora, M., J. Sinkorova, and K. Stepanova. 2017. Ig light chain precedes heavy chain gene rearrangement during development of B cells in swine. J. Immunol. 198: 1543–1552.

There was an error in the legend for Fig. 2 as originally published. The mentions of CD179a in the legend should have been mentions of CD172a. The corrected version of the figure legend is shown below.

FIGURE 2. Analysis of IgL expression on different subpopulations of porcine cells. Fresh BM cells isolated from newborn pigs were gated for large (AD) and small (EH) MHC-II+ cells only, and their representative surface expression of CD172a and either IgHμ or IgLλ detected by FCM on the surface (A, B, E, and F) or intracellularly (C, D, G, and H) are shown. Staining for IgLκ (data not shown) gave a similar result as for IgLλ. Filled arrows indicate...

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