OSE-127 is a humanized mAb targeting the IL-7Rα-chain (CD127), under development for inflammatory and autoimmune disease treatment. It is a strict antagonist of the IL-7R pathway, is not internalized by target cells, and is noncytotoxic. In this work, a first-in-human, phase I, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, single-center study was carried out to determine the safety, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and immunogenicity of OSE-127 administration. Sixty-three healthy subjects were randomly assigned to nine groups: six single ascending dose groups with i.v. administration (0.002–10 mg/kg), a single s.c. treatment group (1 mg/kg), and two double i.v. injection groups (6 or 10 mg/kg). Subjects were followed during <146 d. OSE-127’s pharmacokinetic half-life after a single dose increased from 4.6 (1 mg/kg) to 11.7 d (10 mg/kg) and, after a second dose, from 12.5 (6 mg/kg) to 16.25 d (10 mg/kg). Receptor occupancy was ≥95% at doses ≥0.02 mg/kg, and this saturation level was maintained >100 d after two i.v. infusions at 10 mg/kg. IL-7 consumption was inhibited by OSE-127 administration, as demonstrated by a decreased IL-7 pathway gene signature in peripheral blood cells and by ex vivo T lymphocyte restimulation experiments. OSE-127 was well tolerated, with no evidence of cytokine-release syndrome and no significant alteration of blood lymphocyte counts or subset populations. Altogether, the observed lack of significant lymphopenia or serious adverse events, concomitant with the dose-dependent inhibition of IL-7 consumption by target cells, highlights that OSE-127 may show clinical activity in IL-7R pathway–involved diseases.

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