The Ikaros zinc-finger transcription factor Eos has largely been associated with sustaining the immunosuppressive functions of regulatory T cells. Paradoxically, Eos has more recently been implicated in promoting proinflammatory responses in the dysregulated setting of autoimmunity. However, the precise role of Eos in regulating the differentiation and function of effector CD4+ T cell subsets remains unclear. In this study, we find that Eos is a positive regulator of the differentiation of murine CD4+ TH2 cells, an effector population that has been implicated in both immunity against helminthic parasites and the induction of allergic asthma. Using murine in vitro TH2 polarization and an in vivo house dust mite asthma model, we find that EosKO T cells exhibit reduced expression of key TH2 transcription factors, effector cytokines, and cytokine receptors. Mechanistically, we find that the IL-2/STAT5 axis and its downstream TH2 gene targets are one of the most significantly downregulated pathways in Eos-deficient cells. Consistent with these observations, we find that Eos forms, to our knowledge, a novel complex with and supports the tyrosine phosphorylation of STAT5. Collectively, these data define a regulatory mechanism whereby Eos propagates STAT5 activity to facilitate TH2 cell differentiation.

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