The Canadian Society for Immunology (CSI) established a formal Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Committee with the goal of providing EDI advocacy and leadership within the CSI, as well as in the broader scientific community. A first task of this committee was to review the publicly available historical data on gender representation within the CSI’s membership, leadership, award recipients, and conference chairs/presenters as a step in establishing a baseline reference point and monitoring the trajectory of future success in achieving true inclusion. We found that, except for overall membership and a specific subset of awards, all categories showed a historical bias toward men, particularly prior to 2010. Bias persists in various categories, evident even in recent years. However, we note an encouraging trend toward greater gender parity, particularly in the roles of President, symposium presenters, and workshop chairs, especially from 2017 onward. We present these findings as well as our recommendations to enhance inclusivity. These include a more comprehensive collection and secure storage of self-identification data, emphasis on EDI as an essential component of all annual meeting activities, and innovative measures of outreach, collaboration, and leadership with the aim of making the CSI a model for improving EDI in other professional research societies.

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