In a previous article (1) we have stated that in animals which received into the subscapular tissue a second injection of a large amount of serum, there occurred on the ears, either or both erythema or edema which in relation to the time of the second injection could be compared with immediate and accelerated serum sickness in man. We wish to report here in greater detail regarding these reactions.

It may be well to recall as a basis for comparison that the reactions which we speak of as serum sickness in rabbits are manifested on the ears. The rather generalized distribution of the erythema involving most markedly the basal half or two-thirds and leaving unaffected a more or less triangular area at the tip is quite distinctive; the erythema may be morbilliform or scarlatinal in part or in whole. The edema, usually basal, may be more or less marked or more or less extensive.

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