1. Report of the Council. Executive Session.

2. The Rôle of Immunity in the Conduct of the Present War John A. Kolmer (President's address, see this volume, page 371).

3. Experiments on the Production of Antipoliomyelitic Serum in Rabbits Edgar H. Tsen (see this volume, page 213).

4. Active Immunity in Experimental Poliomyelitis Harry L. Abramson (see this volume, page 437).

Discussion Arthur F. Coca: It is important to emphasize the concluding remarks of Dr. Abramson. The conditions under which Dr. Abramson was working to demonstrate immunity were highly artificial and the immunity attained was possibly more than was necessary to constitute an absolute resistance to the natural infection as occurring in human beings. In the artificial experiments the mechanism of resistance at the natural atria of infection was circumvented. It would have been hard to foresee, from the guinea-pig experiments, how little antitoxin is necessary in order effectively to prevent the natural infection with diphtheria in human beings.

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