The antibody response to multiple antigens has been shown by numerous authors. Castellani (quoted by Gay (1)), demonstrated not only that the antibody response to individual antigens is specific, but that several antigens in the form of killed bacteria may be used concurrently and give rise to an immunity that is specific for each of the organisms. Such multiple antibody response is apparently as great against each disease as if a single vaccine had been used.

Other combinations of various products have been presented. Stern (2) considers the simultaneous immunization against smallpox and diphtheria a safe and effective procedure. Ingels (3) has reported a large percentage of Schick negatives in a large group of children previously immunized against diphtheria and typhoid-paratyphoid, and in some instances smallpox vaccine. McKean (4) has also reported successful immunization against diphtheria, typhoid, and smallpox at the same time without more reaction than would be obtained from a single antigen.

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