The efficacy of active immunization of guinea pigs and human beings by the administration of plain and especially of alum-precipitated toxoids of Clostridium tetani has now been so well proven as to require no comment or review of the literature. Much less investigation, however, has been devoted to the problem of active immunization of the lower animals and human beings against the principal Clostridia of gas gangrene by their respective toxoids. If this were found safe and effective as immunization against tetanus, it might be possible to effectively immunize human beings simultaneously against tetanus and gangrene with a mixture of their respective toxoids and especially those, as soldiers and civilians, particularly exposed to the risks of accidents and infection of wounds. In this connection it may be stated, however, that the effectiveness of the sulfonamide compounds in the prevention of infection of war wounds, especially by the prompt topical application of sulfanilamide, has greatly lowered the incidence of infections due to the pyogenic microorganisms and of tetanus and gangrene as well.

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