D. J. Finney (1940) claimed on the basis of the family material of Zieve, Wiener and Fries (1936) that the factors for the ABO blood groups and allergy are linked. Previously, on testing the observed factors for linkage, Zieve, Wiener, and Fries (1936), using Wiener's method, came to the tentative conclusion that the genes for the blood groups ABO and allergy are independently inherited and to the definite conclusion that the factors for the agglutinogens M and N and allergy are independently inherited.

The purpose of this paper is to show that Finney's claim cannot be substantiated because of a probable inherent inaccuracy which was not taken into account when the data were analyzed.

The hereditary scheme for allergy as proposed by Wiener, Zieve, and Fries (1936), which was also accepted and applied by Finney, considers the presence of allergy before the onset of puberty (age limit is taken as ten years) as homozygote recessive.

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