In completion of the present series of studies on the placental transmission of so-called normal antibodies the following observations as regards antilysins are reported.

A. Anti-Megatheriolysin. The examination for the presence of these bodies in the blood of the mother animal and the kid, as well as in the milk, was carried out in accordance with the quantitative method employed by the Serum-Institute for measuring antihemolytic bodies. It is to be observed that in the examination of milk only approximate accuracy can be obtained owing to its opacity With the purpose of overcoming this obstacle the casein in one experiment was precipitated with rennet, but this procedure was abandoned as it was found that the antihemolytic bodies were also almost entirely carried away.

The samples were inactivated for one-half an hour at 56°C., after it had been proved by experiments that the megatheriolysin-neutralizing power was practically unweakened by this process.

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