Clinical. The clinical material, serums and film preparations on which this report is based, were obtained from patients under treatment on the Venereal Disease Service of the Department of Health Hospitals of New York City. Ninety per cent of these patients are public prostitutes, the remainder being of the clandestine type. Their ages range from sixteen to sixty, the average being in the early twenties.

For convenience in outlining treatment and presenting the necessary data for the bacteriologist, the cases on admission are divided into three general classes, acute, subacute and chronic.

Acute. Vulva. Active inflammation and swelling of the parts. Involvement of Bartholin glands with or without abscess formation, but exhibiting some evidence of inflammation in the duct.

Urethra. Evidence of active inflammation as witnessed by mucopurulent or purulent discharge and swelling of the mucous membrane at the mouth of the urethra and ability to express a drop of purulent material on massaging Skenes glands.

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