In a preceding communication (1) it was pointed out that certain factors had to be evaluated before the serologic diagnosis of typhus fever in vaccinated individuals could be made with assurance. Among the factors mentioned was the possibility of an anamnestic reaction or non-specific rise in Weil-Felix and/or complement-fixing antibodies due to non-typhus fevers. Numerous papers have been published concerning the appearance of Weil-Felix antibodies in diseases other than typhus in non-vaccinated individuals, but no study has yet appeared regarding similar findings in typhus-vaccinated persons. Complement-fixation in the rickettsial diseases has only recently become generally employed, but in the studies so far reported there have been described no instances of non-specific findings in properly controlled tests.

The present study was undertaken in an attempt to determine what effects, if any, non-typhus fevers might have upon these antibodies in vaccinated individuals. Herein are described the serologic findings obtained in 104 acutely febrile patients who had been previously vaccinated with Cox-type epidemic typhus vaccine.

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