1. A delayed chronic local inflammatory reaction has been induced in the hind foot of the guinea pig by the simultaneous injection of an antigen-adjuvant emulsion with or without killed tubercle bacilli into the nuchal region, and of the same antigen without adjuvants into the hind foot. Normal rabbit serum, normal horse serum, rabbit anti-rat organ antiserums, therapeutic horse serum preparations, and crystalline chicken ovalbumin served as effective antigens.

  2. A chronic arthritic deformity of the foot followed the acute phase.

  3. The presence of killed tubercle bacilli in the antigen-adjuvant mixture enhanced the subsequent inflammatory response.

  4. It would appear that this phenomenon is an antigen-antibody reaction at a second depot of antigen, in which sensitivity of the tuberculin type may play a significant rôle.

  5. It is suggested that the mechanism responsible for the production of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis may be similar in nature to that involved in the local reaction described above.

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