A study was made of conditions under which reactivation of HgCl2-inactivated influenza A virus (PR8 strain) would ocur in the chick embryo by the use of aqueous BAL. The following results were obtained:

  1. A 10−4 dilution of allantoic fluid virus in broth was completely inactivated by 1:20,000 aqueous HgCl2 after contact for 30 minutes at room temperature (28 C).

  2. The virus-Hg complex did not dissociate upon dilution in the allantoic fluid as shown by lack of infectiousness of the fluid for mice and chick embryos after injection of inactivated virus.

  3. Aqueous BAL injected via the allantoic route in 1:400 dilution could reactivate the virus when given from 3 to 5 hours before and from 0.25 to 2 hours after the injection of inactivated virus.

  4. Following the inoculation of inactivated virus into the allantoic cavity some free unadsorbed virus was demonstrated in the fluid in some experiments. It was therefore not possible to determine whether reactivation resulted from the action of BAL on the adsorbed virus.

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