Normal rat serum is separated electrophoretically into six protein bands and four esterase zones designated fast and slow ρ, anodal and cathodal A-α1. These zones correspond on immunoelectrophoretic analysis with four esterase active precipitin lines identified as the ρ- and slow lipoprotein and two α-1-globulins. The anodal A-α1-zone corresponds with the rapid α1-esterase precipitin line and has the properties of serum cholinesterase.

Normal rat urine contains a potent γ-esterase that is absent in rat serum and is probably of renal origin.

Rat, mouse and human serum esterases are compared with regard to esterase lipoprotein association, cholinesterase and ρ-esterase substrate specificity and inhibition, and presence or absence of albumin esterase.

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