Skin reactivity and complement-fixing properties of soluble antigen-chicken antibody complexes were studied. It was found that the soluble complexes composed of rabbit γ-globulin induced skin reactions in normal guinea pigs. Chicken antibody directed toward the major rabbit γ-globulin antigenic determinant in Fr. III segment and that to the minor determinant in Frs. I and II (Porter's terminology) are comparable with respect to the ability to form skin reactive complexes. The complexes composed of either bovine serum albumin or Fr. (I + II) and homologous chicken antibodies failed to give the skin reaction. The results indicated the parallelism between the skin reactivity of the soluble complexes and the reversed passive cutaneous anaphylaxis reactions with the antigen-antibody systems.

The soluble complexes of chicken antibody did not inactivate a significant amount of guinea pig complement in vitro.

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