A high degree of tolerance was induced in rabbits by neonatal injection of picryl-bovine serum albumin (BSA). Twenty-seven of 36 rabbits were tolerant to both native BSA and picryl-BSA 3 months after birth. The other nine rabbits made an antibody response to both picryl-BSA and native BSA. The injection of the tolerant rabbits with picryl-horse γ-globulin (HoGG) resulted in a normal response to both the picryl group and the HoGG without interfering with tolerance to BSA. On the other hand, rabbits tolerant to picryl-BSA did not respond to picryl-RSA or DNP-BSA. The injection of the tolerant rabbits with sulfanil-BSA terminated the tolerant state to native BSA.

Data were given indicating that in normal rabbits the antibody response to picryl-RSA was directed to the hapten and a surrounding area on the conjugate.

Rabbits tolerant to picryl-BSA and injected with picryl-HoGG produced antibody that reacted with picryl-BSA but not with native BSA. When these rabbits were injected 1 month later with picryl-BSA, they again made antibody that reacted to picryl-BSA but not with native BSA.

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