Sera obtained from dogs, guinea pigs, swine, squirrel monkeys, sheep and turkeys were examined for the presence and amount of three “antiglobulins”: a) a heat-labile latex-fixation factor, b) a heat-labile latex-fixation-inhibitor and c) a heat-stable Waaler-Rose factor.

Heat-labile latex-fixation factors and heat-stable Waaler-Rose factors were found in all of the sera tested. The rapidity of inactivation of the heat-labile latex-fixation factor at 56°C was found to be characteristic of the species. Heat-labile latex-fixation-inhibitors were found in the sera of dogs, swine, monkeys and guinea pigs, but not in the sera of sheep or turkeys. A fourth “antiglobulin,” “a heat-stable latex-fixation factor,” was found in the sera of 5 out of 12 dogs and 10 out of 12 swine.

At present the origin and significance of these apparently normal serum factors are unknown.

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