A variety of oligosaccharides have been studied for their capacity to inhibit precipitation by dextrans of antidextrans with specificities directed toward chains of α-1 → 6 linked D-glucopyranosyl units and of antidextrans with specificities involving the non α-1 → 6 linked residues. From studies with branched oligosaccharides containing a single D-glucopyranosyl unit linked α-1 → 3 or α-1 → 4 to a homologue of isomaltose, additional inferences about the antidextran combining site have been drawn. Findings with 6-O-acetyl-D-glucose and various mono-methyl and deoxy-D glucoses have also aided in defining the contribution to interaction with antibody of various portions of the D-glucose molecule. Similar information has been obtained with anti-dextrans with specificities other than α-1 → 6.

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