1. Reactions of three lots of SHF antigen with several homologous antisera in Ouchterlony and immunoelectrophoretic slides were studied. Standard patterns of lines were delineated which could be used reliably in the identification of identical antigens in other source materials. Particular attention was paid to characterization of the parasite components (P1, P2, P3), most often present in antigens which were potent in the HA test.

  2. Chromatographic methods used to separate serum components were applied to SHF antigen. Separation of parasite and host antigens was not accomplished with either ion-exchange columns or various Sephadex columns. Considerable amounts of host material were removed by serial cycling of the antigen through a G-50 Sephadex column followed by cycles through long G-200 Sephadex columns. A stable, serologically reactive antigen resulted that still contained at least six components.

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