1. Two of the parasite antigens identified in sheep hydatid fluid were demonstrated in extracts of Echinococcus multilocularis cysts. Serologic reactivity of the crude extract and fractions of the antigen appeared to be associated with the presence of at least one of these components.

  2. Fractionation of Emc antigen by a column chromatographic method in which the antigen was cycled through a G-50 Sephadex column followed by a cycle through a long G-200 Sephadex column separated measurable amounts of nonspecific proteins, but did not “purify” the parasitic material. Gel-diffusion showed the most serologically reactive fraction (M200A) to contain at least five of the nine components in the original crude extract.

  3. The antigenic fraction M200A was stable and reacted with the same degree of sensitivity and specificity as SHF antigen in the HA test for the diagnosis of hydatid disease.

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