1. The results obtained in guinea pigs of inbred strains 2 and 13 and the 100% immune responses obtained in F1 hybrids of these strains are compatible with the concept that the ability to respond immunogenically against synthetic polymers is genetically controlled and is a dominant Mendelian trait.

  2. Oligolysine-containing copolymers, glutamic acid-alanine (GA) and glutamic acid + methylated guinea pig plasma albumin (G+Me GPA) aggregate were found to be immunogenic for inbred strain 2 and nonimmunogenic for inbred strain 13. Copolymer glutamic acid-alanine-tyrosine (GAT) and glutamic acid-tryosine + methylated bovine plasma albumin (GT + Me BPA) aggregate were immunogenic in both inbred strains.

  3. Differences between the antigenic specificity of delayed type skin reactions and PCA reactions were found in the case of GLA, GLT, GLAT copolymers in strain 2, and GAT copolymer in strain 13.

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