1. Leucocyte counts and determinations of the serum proteins of rabbits receiving doses of antigenic, non-antigenic, toxic and non-toxic proteins have been made for extended periods. This was likewise done with rabbits injected with benzol to produce a leucopenia.

  2. The figures show that while the quantity of serum proteins in normal rabbits is fairly constant the protein ratio varies considerably in different animals and to a somewhat lesser extent in individual rabbits.

  3. The injection of proteins in doses used was not followed by any decided change in the protein quotient. A decrease of serum proteins follows the injection of benzol, though no change occurs in the protein quotient.

  4. A rise of globulins is not necessary for immune body production. Immunity in rabbits may be produced with well regulated dosage of antigen without giving rise to an increase of globulins.

  5. Our results are essentially in accord with recent work on the non-dependence of immunity on the serum proteins, as ordinarily determined.


Aided by a grant from the George Williams Hooper Foundation for Medical Research.

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