O’Donnell, J. A., J. Lehman, J. E. Roderick, D. Martinez-Marin, M. Zelic, C. Doran, N. Hermance, S. Lyle, M. Pasparakis, K. A. Fitzgerald, A. Marshak-Rothstein, and M. A. Kelliher. 2018. Dendritic cell RIPK1 maintains immune homeostasis by preventing inflammation and autoimmunity. J. Immunol. 200: 737–748.

In the version of this article originally published, incorrect versions of Fig. 3F and Supplemental Fig. 3B, without data from Ripk1DC KOMlkl/− and littermate controls, were inadvertently included. A revised version of Fig. 3 is shown below. The legend for Fig. 3 was correct as published and is shown below for reference.

Supplemental Fig. 3B has been updated in the supplemental material online. Fig. 3 has also been corrected in the online version of the article, which now differs from the print version as originally published.