Kazemi, N.Y., B. Fedyshyn, S. Sutor, Y. Fedyshyn, S. Markovic, and E.A.L. Enninga. 2022. Maternal monocytes respond to cell-free fetal DNA and initiate key processes of human parturition. J. Immunol. 207: 2433–2444.

In the original article, the keys for the histograms in Fig. 3B and 3E were incorrect. The representative colors for cffDNA CM and cffDNA CM +TNF-α Block in panel (B) and cffDNA CM and cffDNA CM + IL-1β Block in panel (E)” were reversed. Fig. 3 is shown below with the corrected keys for panels (B) and (E). The figure legend was correct as published and is shown below for reference. Fig. 3 has been corrected in the online version of the article, which now differs from the print version as originally published.