According to Bloom’s taxonomy classification create, meant as the production of new and original work, represents the highest and most advanced level of cognitive domain in the learning process. Through creative expression students are encouraged to demonstrate their knowledge by combining elements together and by building something coherent, tangible or conceptual.

Meta-Lectureis intended as a non-traditional method to assess mastery of course concepts incorporating short lectures prepared by students, individually, in pair or in a small group, on selected topic, with emphasis on application of course content. This pedagogical approach in teaching is suitable for undergraduate introductory courses as well as for more advanced courses. It represents a student engagement method in both face-to-face and hybrid environment, that aims to improve student commitment and class participation.

Through this alternative method, by simulating a professional environment such as public speaking, poster and seminar scientific presentation, students benefit from the experience of reversed role and from instructor’s and audience feedback on the individual evaluation.

This report provides introduction to the Meta-Lectureassignment, guidance on the feedback analysis and discussion on the learning process.

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