The studies here reported relate primarily to the rôle that the lipids play in the causation of serum-sickness in rabbits. The word lipid is used as an inclusive term embracing all those substances removed from serum by commonly employed solvents such as alcohol, ether and similar materials. We have previously been led to the conclusion that while the pseudoglobulin of horse-serum is the most important of the 3 major serum proteins in causing serum-sickness in rabbits (1), it seems probable that it is not the pseudoglobulin as such which is the factor responsible for the occurrence of the disease. Our attention was therefore directed towards the possible significance of serum-lipid in causation of serum-sickness. We have therefore exposed whole horse-serum or horse-serum pseudoglobulin to various treatments with several commonly used lipid-solvents and have injected such sera into rabbits in order to determine the occurrence of serum-sickness.


This work was aided by a grant (No. 188) from the Therapeutic Research Committee of the American Medical Association.

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