1. The permeability of the blood-CNS barrier to sodium nitrate was studied in 111 rhesus monkeys.

  2. Statistically evaluated, the results suggested that an increased barrier-permeability to nitrate occurs in monkeys in the acute stages of poliomyelitis.

  3. The spinal fluid of nearly one-half (22 of 56) of the poliomyelitic monkeys showed a nitrate-concentration as great as that of the control group in which an aseptic meningitis had been produced by intraspinal injection of horse serum.

  4. The trauma incident to intracerebral inoculation had little effect in increasing the permeability of the barrier under the conditions in which the test was applied.

  5. The test of nitrate-permeability has a limited clinical value, since it is too crude to permit fine determinations of nitrate in the spinal fluid.


This work was supported by a grant from the President's Birthday Ball Commission for Infantile Paralysis Research.

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