1. Antispermatozoal sera react with spermatozoa and not with serum of the same species; antisera against serum react with serum, and not with spermatozoa.

  2. Isoimmunization of female rabbits and female white rats was successful.

  3. Spermatozoa are dominantly species-specific; antisera against spermatozoa reacted best with homologous sperm cells. Nevertheless distinct cross-reactions occurred with heterologous spermatozoa.

  4. Isoantisera reacted like heteroantisera. It is therefore possible to differentiate between spermatozoa of different species by means of antispermatozoal isosera.

  5. Cross-reactions are stronger in closely related species, but they also occur between more distantly related species. They are distinctly positive between the spermatozoa of bull and man.

  6. Blood-group substances are not causes of these cross-reactions.

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