Both human and guinea pig immunoregulatory α globulin (IRA) interfered with the in vitro immobilization of peritoneal macrophages from sensitized guinea pigs by specific antigen. When migration inhibitory factor (MIF) was induced in vitro by exposure of sensitized guinea pig lymphocytes to specific antigen and was then added to cultures of peritoneal macrophages from non-sensitized animals, IRA was unable to block the inhibition of macrophage migration caused by MIF. These results indicate that IRA interfered with antigen-specific immobilization of peritoneal macrophages by interaction with sensitized lymphocytes in the peritoneal cell population and did not block the response of macrophages to MIF.


This work was supported by United States Public Health Service Grants AM 10824, AI 08579 and United States Army Contract DA-49-193-MD-2621.

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