Dissimilar reagin synthesis patterns were observed in Bordetella pertussis-treated rats which were immunized with equivalent amounts of associated or dissociated keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH). The associated form induced low titers of reagin in about 50% of the animals which peaked 30 days post-immunization. The dissociated form induced higher titers in 75% of the animals which peaked 10 days post-immunization. In contrast, the associated form of KLH was a more potent antigen than the dissociated form in the production of KLH agglutinins. Administration of equine antilymphocyte serum (ALS) to rats before or after immunization produced an alteration in the reagin synthesis pattern which was dependent on the time of ALS treatment. If given before immunization, early synthesis was enhanced. If given after immunization, late synthesis was enhanced. ALS treatment was suppressive for KLH agglutinin production, particularly with dissociated KLH immunized animals. The dissimilar antibody response to different forms of the same antigen, coupled with the exquisite dependence of early reagin synthesis on time of administration of ALS, leads to the speculation that macrophages may control an early event which determines reagin response.

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