By immunization of rabbits with mouse thymocyte membranes, antisera were obtained which reacted, after proper absorption, with 95 to 100% of mouse thymocytes and 35 to 40% of mouse spleen lymphocytes as shown by immunofluorescence and cytotoxic testing. After absorption of such antisera with mouse thymocytes of different θ-allotypes and mouse spleen lymphocytes pretreated with isologous anti-θ serum and complement, the remaining antigen(s) detected by heterologous antisera appeared to be distinct from the θ-alloantigen but present on the same population of spleen lymphocytes.

The simultaneous use of two in vitro tests whereby both humoral and cellular immune responses can be demonstrated in the same animal with one alloantigen shows that the differentiation antigen detected is specific for thymus derived Tlymphocytes.


This work was supported by SNSF Grant 3.605.71.

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