In “The Clonal Nature of Antibody Formation: II. Characteristics of Antibody Cell Clones Specific for Poly-O-Acetyl-d-Serine and Poly-d-Alanine” by M. Bosma and G. Davis in the September 1972 issue of the Journal of Immunology, Volume 109, Number 3, page 489, the precipitin arcs in Figure 1 did not show clearly. The illustration is produced again here to indicate what was in the original photograph.

In “Additional Immunochemical Relationships of Capsular Polysaccharides of Klebsiella and Pneumococci” by Michael Heidelberger and Wolfgang Nimmich in the December issue of the Journal of Immunology, Volume 109, No. 6, page 1341, Table III, footnote v should read, “Supernatants + K32 precipitated 698 µg N; intact serum gave 804 µg N at the level used.” Footnote x should read, “Supernatants + K34 gave 31 µg N out of 56 at the level used. Antiserum gave 39 µg N with streptococcal group Fz1 substance (30); supernatants + K64 gave 32.”

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