The effects of concanavalin A (Con A) and colchicine on the prostaglandin E1 (PGE1)-mediated cyclic AMP generation in rat peritoneal macrophages have been studied. Although Con A and colchicine by themselves did not affect cyclic AMP levels, they greatly enhanced cyclic AMP production induced by PGE1. There was not only augmentation of cyclic AMP levels at maximally active concentrations of PGE1, but also an increased sensitivity to low (inactive) concentrations of PGE1. Except for lentil lectin, none of the other lectins affected PGE1 sensitivity whereas lumicolchicine was as effective as colchicine. In addition, both Con A and colchicine raised the sensitivity to isoproterenol and choleraenterotoxin. Although details of the mechanisms by which Con A or colchicine influenced the membrane-bound adenyl cyclase and PGE1 receptors remain unclear, these observations suggest that certain alterations of the cell membrane may render macrophages more susceptible to the regulating effects of prostaglandins.

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