We have examined the cytotoxic activity of anti-Iak serum and complement on various immune functions of BALB/c (H-2d) cells. Since the cytotoxic action of this antiserum on H-2d cells defines specificity Ia.7, an I-C region product, we have looked at the selective expression of this antigen. We have mainly used the in vitro anti-Lac2 response to study the cells involved in the induction and regulation of antibody. The data presented here show that Ia.7 is present on both IgM and IgG precursor B cells and in lesser amounts on plaque-forming cells. The antiserum also recognizes with less efficiency a product on specific T suppressor cells, which is possibly coded for by the adjacent I-J subregion. Both fluorescence and functional tests indicate the absence of Ia.7 on macrophages. It is also lacking on T helper cells. When we tested the antiserum on the in vitro cytotoxic responses to alloantigens, we found that neither T effector cells nor their precursors were affected.


This work was supported by National Institutes of Health Grants A1-06610 and CA-17919.

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