Plasma plasminogen levels were determined by a specific esterolytic assay and a radial immunodiffusion assay, both of which were standardized on a weight basis by using highly purified plasminogen diluted in plasminogen-free plasma. In thirteen normal individuals the functional and antigenic levels were 275 ± 61 µg/ml and 285 ± 61 µg/ml, respectively (r = 0.95), whereas in 58 plasmas from individuals with hereditary angioedema the levels were 272 ± 58 µg/ml and 265 ± 64 µg/ml, respectively (r = 0.89). In two patients treated with tranexamic acid either acutely or chronically, both the functional and antigenic plasminogen levels were diminished.


This work was supported by Grants AI-07722, AI-10356, and RR-05669 from the National Institutes of Health.

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