Previous studies in this series have been directed toward the elucidation of the heavy and light chain variable region structures of antibodies raised in A/J mice to the p-azophenylarsonate (Ar) hapten, certain of which bear a cross-reacting idiotype. The present study concerns an analysis of anti-Ar antibodies that arise in A/J mice suppressed for a cross-reacting idiotype. The results indicate that when an idiotype is suppressed and the animal subsequently hyperimmunized, the resultant antibodies are “deviated” into different V-region subgroups, both in the heavy and light polypeptide chains. The study presents the first primary structural analysis of a humoral immune response that has been manipulated by an idiotypic reagent.


This work was supported in part by the National Institutes of Health Grants AI12127, AI12796, AI12895, and AI12907 and the National Science Foundation Grant PCM76-22411.

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