Eighty cats were classified by indirect immunofluorescence and histologic diagnosis into four categories: normal, feline leukemia virus (FeLV) infected; normal noninfected; lymphosarcoma-FeLV infected; lymphosarcoma, no FeLV present. All viremic cats with lymphosarcoma were found to be hypocomplementemic and activation of the complement system had occurred via the classical pathway. Sera of cats with lymphosarcoma in the absence of FeLV had varying levels of total hemolytic complement (TCH50) ranging from normal to hypocomplementemic. Approximately 50% of the cats that were viremic but histologically and clinically free of disease had TCH50 levels within normal range, and the remainder exhibited varying degrees of hypocomplementemia.


This work was supported by Grants CA-08748, CA-16599, CA-19072, and CA-18488 from the National Institutes of Health; Grant 75-912 from the American Heart Association, and Grant IM-185 from the American Cancer Society.

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