Anti-Lyb-5.1 serum contains antibodies against two different B cell surface antigenic determinants, Lyb-5.1 and Lyb-7.1, which are defined in cytotoxicity and functional tests, respectively. The antibody against Lyb-7.1 is identified by its ability to specifically inhibit in vitro primary antibody responses to TNP-Ficoll. Anti-Lyb-5.1 serum can be made monospecific for anti-Lyb-7.1 activity by absorption with spleen cells from AL/N mice which have been typed as Lyb-5.1+, Lyb-7.1-. Lyb-5.1 and Lyb-7.1 are each under control of one or one set of closely linked genes. The loci specifying Lyb-5.1 and Lyb-7.1 are not linked to each other nor to M1s and H-2 loci. However, the gene controlling the expression of Lyb-7.1 is linked to the genes coding for the constant region of immunoglobulin heavy chains.


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