Differentiation of bursal stem cells in an allogeneic or syngeneic bursal microenvironment was compared. Bursal stem cells were transplanted into CY-treated 4-day-old recipients and permitted to differentiate in these hosts for 6 weeks. Their maturity degree was thereafter assessed by transplanting them into secondary recipients by using morphologic and functional criteria. As the secondary recipients 4-day-old CY-treated or CY-treated and surgically bursectomized chicks were used. The results obtained demonstrate that bursal stem cells develop to mature postbursal cells also within an allogeneic bursa. They also indicate that although the interaction of different lymphoid cells requires histocompatibility, the interaction between stromal cells in the bursa and lymphoid progenitors is not genetically restricted.


This work was supported by National Institutes of Health Contract N01-CB-74177 and by a grant from the Research and Science Foundation of Lääke OY, Turku, Finland.

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