Two new recombinant H-2 haplotypes have been detected and established as congenic resistant lines on the C57BL/10 background. On the basis of serologic testing and immunoprecipitation analyses, the sublocus composition of the first recombinant haplotype, H-2bq1 (B10.MBR) has been shown to be KbIkSkDq, and that of the second recombinant, H-2sq3 (B10.SQR) to be KsIsSsDq. The occurrence of the KbI-Ak juxtaposition after a recombination between H-2b and H-2m contrasts with the almost uniform failure to observe H-2b/H-2k recombinants in previous studies. This finding and the occurrence of a second recombination event involving the same chromosome soon after the first in our studies may imply that recombination within H-2 is not generally a random event. The B10.MBR line has proved useful in the production of specific anti-H-2Kb and anti-I-Ab antisera previously quite difficult to obtain without contamination by anti-Ia or anti-H-2K antibodies, respectively.

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