Human T lymphocyte subpopulations from subjects not acutely infected with EBV have been selected and examined for ability to inhibit the outgrowth of autologous B lymphocytes that have undergone in vitro infection with EB virus. The results show that only TG lymphocytes are inhibitory. TG lymphocytes from subjects who are EBV antibody-negative inhibit as well as those from subjects who have EBV antibody. TG lymphocyte populations, as well as other T cell fractions obtained from neonatal subjects, fail to inhibit the outgrowth of infected, autologous lymphocytes under the conditions tested. We propose that NK cells are responsible for the inhibitory effects described in this report.


This work was supported in part by the Matilda Wilson Fund, Detroit, Michigan, and in part by United States Public Health Service Grant CA-17534.

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