Rabbit antiserum to rat peritoneal exudate (PE) macrophage (M phi) antigens was prepared and its reactivity with cell surface proteins of M phi, granulocytes, and lymphocytes was studied by one- and two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE). A total of 14 membrane antigens were identified of which three were found to be expressed only by M phi and granulocytes. By one-dimensional analysis, a protein with an approximate m.w. of 105,000 was present on splenic and PE M phi and on splenic lymphocytes. Two-dimensional analysis revealed that this band was heterogeneous and contained at least three species, one of which was restricted to expression on M phi and granulocytes. A second protein of 150,000 daltons was resolved into two species by two-dimensional analysis. Both of these species were present on M phi and granulocytes but not on lymphocytes. Both the 105,000- and 150,000-dalton proteins were glycosylated. Because the 105,000- and 150-000-dalton proteins expressed by M phi were also expressed by granulocytes, is is likely that these are differentiation antigens whose expression is a characteristic property of cells within both monocytoid and myeloid lineages. All three 105,000-dalton species and one of the two 150,000-dalton species were detected on mouse M phi, indicating their expression is not unique to the rat.

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