We have shown that after immunization of homozygous a1 rabbits of the B immunoglobulin (Ig) heavy chain haplotype with anti-a2 antibody (Ab) a population of molecules appears that has all of the serologic characteristics of the a2 allotype. We have now isolated these putative latent a2 molecules, have separated the heavy chains, and after enzymatic deblocking, have determined the first 19 N-terminal amino acids. For all eight allotype-associated residues, these putative latent a2 molecules have the amino acid residues typical of a2 allotype. As expected, the preimmune IgG from this a1a1 rabbit has the amino acids typical of the a1 allotype. Thus by partial amino acid sequence analysis, we provide additional evidence that the latent a2 allotype can be induced in a1a1 rabbits of the B heavy chain haplotype by immunization with anti-a2 Ab. Rabbits of other heavy chain haplotypes were also immunized with anti-a2 Ab and were tested for their ability to synthesize latent a2 allotype. Thus far, a1a1 rabbits of the A, B, C, and I heavy chain haplotypes all synthesize latent a2 allotype. In contrast, a3a3 rabbits of the G and H heavy chain haplotypes did not synthesize latent a2 allotype.

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