The present report describes the inducibility of IL 2 receptors on human peripheral blood monocytes. Although freshly isolated monocytes are IL 2 receptor negative, approximately one-third of the cells react with the anti-Tac antibody within 18 hr of culture. IFN-gamma is found to double both the number of positive cells and the number of binding sites, whereas IL 2 has no influence on the IL 2 receptor expression on monocytes. Anti-Tac precipitates from monocyte lysates several protein bands of similar m.w. to those previously found with activated T and B cells. Finally, IFN-gamma-induced, but not resting, monocytes are found to bind recombinant IL 2. We conclude that IFN-gamma induces peripheral blood monocytes to express IL 2 receptors similar in structure to those found on activated T and B lymphocytes.

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