We have used a rat monoclonal antibody (mAb) (called 14-30) to affinity purify the antigen-binding chain of a suppressor inducer factor (TsiF-AB) from the serum of mice hyperimmune to heterologous erythrocytes. The TsiF-AB requires the addition of a second, antigen-nonspecific component for biologic activity as well as Lyt-2+ T cells in the assay culture. This mAb can be used to affinity purify suppressor inducer factor from a well-characterized TsiF but not suppressor effector factor (TseF) from culture supernatants. Binding of mAb 14-30 to TsiF is independent of the antigen specificity of the suppressor factor and of the strain of origin of the TsiF. The TsiF affinity purified from hyperimmune serum has an apparent m.w. of 68,000 by SDS-PAGE analysis. 2D gel analysis shows that the serum-derived TsiF has charge heterogeneity, all in the acid range.

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