There has been no work done on the rôle that colostrum plays in this particular problem but a discussion of its function in the transmission of immunity is essential for the proper conception of our work.

In 1909, Bauer (1) intimated that colostrum may have an important rôle in its influence on the immunity of the new-born.

Famulener (2) was the first systematically to take up the problem of the function that this early mammary secretion has in the transmission of immune substances from the mother. His studies show that mother goats, actively immunized during the latter part of pregnancy, can transmit immunity to their offspring, providing a high degree of immunity has developed in the mother prior to parturition. There was no differentiation in this first series of the rôles of the placenta and of colostrum, but in a following series he makes a differentiation and finds that colostrum plays a greater rôle in the transmission of hemolysin immunity to the offspring than the placenta.


This work is being carried on under “The Crane Fund for the Study of Anaphylaxis.”

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